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The lobster buoy is a Maine icon symbolizing the steadfast hardworking fisherman of our rugged coastline.   The buoy floats on the ocean surface marking the location of the trap in the depth below.   The colors and pattern belongs to just that lobsterman.   You’re invited to bring a bit of downeast lore into your life with one of our turned and hand painted buoys. These are individually turned and then painted by hand by my wife, Bobbi. Therefore, each one is a little different from all the other buoys. These are 3 - 3 1/2 inches long and about an inch wide. My shopping cart will mention only a few color combinations, if you desire a custom color please email us.

Inventory: We are slowing rebuilding our buoy inventory.   New pictures will be posted and some buoys will see a price increase.   If you need something right away please email me.

image of an unpainted buoy with detacted eye screw and piece of string

To order unpainted buoys select the appropriate quantity catatory from the drop down list, then click “add to cart”. In the cart you will be able to order a specific number.

image of a number of buoys with birds, lighthouses, etc. painted on them.

Buoys, left to right, starting with the top row.

  1. Chickadee, Puffin, Blueberry, Lobster.
  2. Quoddy Head Light, Bass Harbor Light, Nubble Light, Little River Lighthouse, Cape Lookout, Cape Hatteras
  3. Christmas Tree, Santa, Snowflake, Star, Snowman, Wisemen, Nativity, Shepherds (not pictured)
Downeast Buoys

Tri-colored Buoys

In the order form list the top color first, then the middle color, and last the handle color.   For example, the top left buoy:   blue, white, black.

The buoys to the left are samples.   You are welcome to submit your own color combinations in the form below.   Please list the color for the top of the buoy first, then the middle color, and last, the color of the handle.   Or you are welcome to identify a buoy, for example:   "Top row, 4th from left".

(A note of self-reflection. These buoys were turned over a period of 6 or 7 years, maybe more. The buoys with the more pointed tips are from my beginning years when I could not round the point over as I do now.)

Birds & Lighthhouses
Tri-colored Buoy