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About Al Mather

Of first importance is that I am a servant (a slave) of the Lord Jesus Christ.   This molds and shapes all the rest of me, for there is to be no part of my life that is not brought into submission to the Lord.   He is Lord not chiefly because I chose to make him Lord, but rather because he redeemed me, or bought me, by his death on the cross.

I started my life in Eastern Maine, and from there, my growing up years were spend in western, northern and central Maine during my school years.   During this time I heard of the good news of Jesus Christ through my parents and church, and by God’s grace came to a belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God come in the flesh.

Over the years God has been teaching me to redefine all things in my life.   Sin led me to twist or pervert everything.   My chief duty for the remainer of my life is to reconfigure my thinking and understanding of all things, so that I attach the names and labels of everything as God has so named and labeled.   As His slave I have no right to call something by a different name or use something for a different purpose, other than what God has revealed.   For example, is my body, or are parts of my body, just made for my own pleasure?   Or, do I identify all of me, inside and out, as a being designed with purpose by my God?   Since my world is larger than just myself, my body, this work of relabeling needs to continue outward.   Men and women in my world get their meaning and purpose from God.   For example, there is one, and only one, woman who fits the label of “wife”.   Daughters and sons, parents and grandchildren, and neighbors and strangers all fit into this labeling some place.

Currently, my wife and I are living with my dad in China, Maine. May I be found to be a good steward.