What impact does the coronovirus have my business?

corono virus customers delays Joy no orders provision uncertainty work

My wife and I are healthy and have what we need day to day.  For that we are thankful. We both work by ourselves in our basement.  I think right now the biggest impact is that the local gift shops, some are usually open spring to New Year's, while others are open year round, are not placing orders for the summer.  The ones that are open year round are now probably closed.  

Our plans for April included a road trip to see a couple of granddaughters, and of course, their parents.  That is on hold as is an overseas trip my wife and youngest daughter have been planning.

My wife's  upholstery work has been steady.  Even though we do not put our open flag  out by the road a steady stream of customers have visited us.  (Two or three a week is the level we are talking about.)  I've even had a few.  I wonder if some people who are not working at their job are instead working on other projects.

I've been meaning to get more products, mostly decorative things, posted for sale on this site.  However, a pastor's family has had a medical emergency and I've been filling in for him for the Sunday service.  Our own church has been spending much more time caring for each other and working on defining what staying in touch means while still functioning as a church-body type under our present situation.  Plus we have our own list of home improvements to work on before we move our attention to the great outdoors, where we will be cutting fire wood, working in the green house and garden, etc.  

God has giving us a beautiful sunny morning.  He holds us in his hand.  To living and service him today is a great blessing.  When we are called to leave this life we will be with him - what glory!  

On that note I shall end this first blog post.  We have several projects to work on today.  I'm blessed to be able to work on things with the love-of-my-life.

And I will make a serious effort to post more pictures of products, plus post some prices.  I do enjoy turning,  these support issues are important as well.   It's the tough decisions such as the price and the question is this product really where I'm pleased with it stage, or does it need more development?  Those issues slow me down.